How your gift will make a difference

Little girl with hearing aids

Over the past 65 years, JDA has provided professional, personalised care and support and become a ‘home from home’ for everyone whose life is affected by deafness – people of all faiths and none, all ages and all types of communication. 

Here are some of the life-enhancing changes you can help to bring about by making a donation today.

Alleviating the isolation of older Deaf and Deafblind people

For our older members, who spend most of their time alone with nobody to talk to, JDA's lively Day Centre is the highlight of the week. 


  • A nutritious and delicious, hot lunch - definitely the best meal of the week!


  • An isolated older person to enjoy an afternoon out - perhaps lawn bowls, ice cream in the park or a thrilling ride on a tricycle steered and pedalled by a supporting JDA companion!


  • An older person to enjoy a trip to the seaside, a stately home, a museum or lunch out at a restaurant ... wherever they decide to go, their day out will have given them something to look forward to, something special to chat about and a wonderful memory to cherish.


  • A personal carer to look after a vulnerable and infirm older person so they can continue to attend their beloved Day Centre once they are no longer able to manage independently.

Giving Deafblind people a place in society

“I am Deaf and have also become blind.  Without JDA I’d spend every day sitting at home on my own, with nothing to do and nobody to talk to.  I get very miserable and start to get anxious.  I fixate on every little problem and I panic because I can’t sort it out for myself.”


  • A Deafblind person to have 2 hours' support from a professional “hands-on” communicator/guide who will help them to cope with everyday challenges, relieving their stress.  The guide will also enable them to participate in JDA activities and outings so that they can feel stimulated, enjoy “chatting” with people, walking in the fresh air and being a part of the community.

Technology - restoring independence to people who are losing their hearing

Losing your hearing through illness, accident or ageing can make some people feel like a burden on family and friends.


  • 1 session with our professional hearing consultant who will guide them through the latest devices at our Technology & Information Centre, enabling them to retain their independence, stay in touch by telephone and be alerted to the doorbell, smoke detectors and alarms.

Supporting families with a deaf child

Parents now find out right away that their newborn baby is deaf … and it brings on a mass of mixed emotions.  JDA helps them cope, adapt, and be positive about the future.


  • The first week's practical and emotional support for a family whose baby has been born deaf.  From then on, JDA will be beside the family every step of the way, enabling every deaf child to flourish.

Life-saving support for vulnerable Deaf and Deafblind people

Older Deaf and Deafblind people coming home from hospital get confused and have trouble following medical instructions; this places them in serious danger.


  • 2 hours with a dedicated JDA Support Worker - ensuring a vulnerable older person coming home from hospital understands what vital medication they need to take and when, avoiding deterioration of health conditions.

Reducing loneliness - getting housebound people out and about

Older Deaf and Deafblind people who are frail and infirm are unable to get out of the house without JDA support.


  • The JDA minibus to run for 1 week, bringing isolated Deaf and Deafblind people to the JDA’s community centre.  This is their only chance to get out of the house, and meet up with others who share their background and culture.

BSL interpreting and advocacy at appointments - reducing stress and avoiding misunderstandings

“When I went to the GP alone, the doctor talked a lot … but I didn’t understand any of it.  Now I don’t need to worry because JDA makes sure I have a sign language interpreter with me.  It’s such a relief.”


  • One of our dedicated support workers to advocate for an older person, so they feel supported and secure in the knowledge that their needs will be understood and acted upon.


  • A qualified sign language interpreter to accompany a Deaf or Deafblind person to a medical, legal, financial or other important appointment, ensuring they can express their wishes and concerns and fully understand what is going on.

Fighting for a better life for older people in care

“When I first moved into care, I couldn’t join in conversations, games and activities, so I ended up sitting apart and feeling more and more depressed.  I had never felt so alone.”


  • Specialist equipment for a Volunteer Technician to take to care homes, to keep residents' hearing aids working effectively, thus alleviating their isolation.


  • A professional JDA training session in a care home - so that staff can recognise and address signs of hearing loss and communicate clearly and effectively with residents, ensuring they are actively involved in what’s going on around them.


  • A volunteer to make regular visits to a care home.  They'll maintain residents' hearing aids and ensure they can make friends and participate in activities.

Enabling the Jewish Deaf community to celebrate their heritage

Through JDA, Jewish Deaf and Deafblind people are able to uphold Jewish traditions and culture as a community, retaining their Jewish identity.


  • An interpreter, palantypist or guide for our fully accessible Passover Seder service for Deaf and Deafblind sign language users – the only Deaf Seder in the UK.  At JDA, all rituals and interactive services are conducted in British Sign Language, with simple explanations, plain English wording on large screens, and the opportunity for everyone to be involved. 

Making deaf people with dementia feel safe and loved

Deaf people are 5 times more likely to experience dementia than hearing people.  Ths is because, as older people with hearing loss become more isolated, they begin a downward spiral of mental deterioration.


  • 1 month's intensive support for a vulnerable Deaf person with dementia, enabling them to stay healthy and safe in their own home.  Without JDA’s regular support, they would be in hospital or care far sooner than they need to be.



Yes, you can read lips and smiles while wearing a facemask!

At JDA we have made a list of our Top 5 favourite transparent face coverings to make it easy for you.

You can find more details here.

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