People living with hearing loss

Man and woman looking at a hearing aid

"I was struggling to follow people when they were talking. Thanks to help from the lovely staff at JDA's Hearing Connect I am now able to join in with chats around the dinner table." 

40% of people over 50 have a hearing loss. It takes people on average 11 years to seek help but the earlier you receive it, the better. 

Almost everyone who reads this will face the trauma of hearing loss at some time in their lives – or have a loved one who will.

If you have a hearing loss, our aim is to enable your home, work and social life to be as independent and fulfilled as possible.

Under the brand Hearing Connect, we offer a range of services to enable you to become more informed, more socially active, more confident and thereby more connected to those around you.

Following numerous requests on how best to ensure that places of worship and community centres are accessible to people with a hearing loss, we have produced a document containing advice and information on the matter.  Please click on the link below to open it.

  • morris on bed andrew fixing aid

    Hearing Matters at Home

    Hearing Matters at Home During the first lockdown, hospitals closed their doors and residents of Barnet and Redbridge were not able to get basic...

  • Trained professional showing young man with hearing loss how to use specialist equipment

    Technology and Information Centre

    Contact us to book an appointment for professional advice on coping with hearing loss and improving communication . A trained consultant will discuss...

  • Independent Hearing Aid Specialist showing lady hearing aid

    Independent hearing aid specialist

    Impartial information on NHS and private sector audiology. If you have a hearing loss and are looking for impartial information on audiology in the...

  • Lady looking at Yvette demonstrating mobile phone TIC home visit

    Hearing Connect home visits

    What if I can’t travel to JDA to try out equipment? Let us know and a dedicated member of our technology team will arrange to visit you at your home...

  • Learn to Lipread

    If you have a hearing loss, lipreading classes can help you to become more informed , more socially active , more confident and therefore more...

  • Our lovely trainers, Gabrielle and Andrew, smiling at the camera

    Deaf Awareness Training courses

    At JDA, we have over 20 years of professional experience in delivering high-quality, educational, engaging and enjoyable courses. Andrew and...

Yes, you can read lips and smiles while wearing a facemask!

At JDA we have made a list of our Top 5 favourite transparent face coverings to make it easy for you.

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