Who we are

Head shot - Sue Cipin

JDA has a reputation for excellence - we go above and beyond.  We can provide this outstanding service because of the dedication of each and every member of our professional team.

Allow us to introduce our staff and services to you:

Hearing Connect - for people who have developed hearing loss and/or Tinnitus

If you have a hearing loss, our aim is to enable your home, work and social life to be as independent and fulfilled as possible.

Under the brand Hearing Connect, our highly qualified staff offer a range of services to enable you to become more informed, more socially active, more confident and thereby more connected to those around you.

  • Gabrielle Renée - Hearing Connect Manager
  • Andrew Goodwin - Hearing Matters in Care Service Manager
  • Padraic Garrett - Head of Hearing Matters in Care
  • Judith Morgan - Technology and Information Services Consultant
  • Yvette Hartland - Outreach Worker Home Visits

Family Services - supporting families with deaf children

  • Jody Sacks - Family Services Coordinator

Highly trained and experienced, Jody is beside parents every step of the way, supporting them emotionally and practically with issues that arise for their children through nursery, school and university life.

Supporting Deaf and Deafblind people

Fluent in sign language, JDA’s highly skilled support team provide compassionate care and practical help to individuals, ensuring they receive the information, services and support they need to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

  • Janet Coombs - Support Services Manager
  • Lisa Mansur - Support Worker
  • Janine Greensite - Deaf Service Manager
  • Melody Moss - BSL Tuesday and Support Worker
  • Alice O'Dell - BSL Tuesday Information and Advice Worker

Wednesday Club - great activities for older Deaf and Deafblind people

JDA's unique programme of activities and outings for older, Deaf and Deafblind BSL users every Wednesday takes a lot of planning and organisation!  Our experienced and friendly staff make sure that everyone's needs are met and that Day Centre is stimulating and fun experience for all.

  • Danielle Jacobs - Wednesday Club Supervisor
  • Ann Clements - Wednesday Club Outings Coordinator/ Dcafe Manager   

Social, cultural and educational activities and events for the Deaf Community

Our Deaf Community Officer organises an exciting programme of activities and events for the entire Deaf community and a separate programme for independent, active Deaf people over 50. 

  • Brinthan Nathabalan - Deaf Community Officer
  • Mira Goldberg - Project Supervisor


  • Sue Cipin - Chief Executive

Community Centre

Our community centre is busy five days a week and our community centre staff create a warm, welcoming environment for all, ensuring that each individual's specific needs are met. 

  • Jodie Walters - Acting Community Centre Manager


JDA receives no statutory funding and we rely entirely on voluntary donations - making the role of our Fundraising Officer integral to JDA.

  • Marilyn Rowland - Fundraising Officer

Behind the Scenes

  • Jacqueline Nortman - Head of Marketing, Communications & Fundraising
  • Michelle Zeffert - Finance Manager
  • Olimpia Erdogan - JDATogether Editor 

Freelance professional interpreters, lip-speakers, “hands on” communicator/guides and personal carers are employed as and when required to ensure equal access for all.

The staff team is complemented by approximately 50 volunteers whose contribution is integral to the work of the charity. 

Yes, you can read lips and smiles while wearing a facemask!

At JDA we have made a list of our Top 5 favourite transparent face coverings to make it easy for you.

You can find more details here.

You can find JDA's response to COVID-19 here