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Classrooms have poor acoustics and are incredibly noisy.  After a day at school, deaf children (even with their hearing aids or cochlear implants) struggle to hear their teachers and are unable to communicate properly with their friends.  Too embarrassed to admit their problems, they miss key information and instructions.  They go home exhausted, confused and frustrated - having missed out on the education that is every child's right. 

The JDA HEAR to Learn Campaign was initiated by parents with deaf children across North London and Hertfordshire.  Together, JDA and this dedicated group of mums are now tirelessly fundraising and we have started to soundproof classrooms in Jewish primary schools.  

A year ago, a teacher told us that she didn't really understand how much difference improved acoustics would make to Elliott, the deaf boy in her class - until we went ahead with the treatment. Three terms later, the results speak for themselves.  Elliott's marks are up, he is enthusiastically joining in class discussions and able to do his homework.  His confidence has soared and he is much happier both at school and when he gets home at the end of each day.  Elliott has been given the chance to succeed, just like his hearing friends.

As we begin to raise the funds to treat more classrooms, deaf children are joining in, gaining self-esteem, behaving better, and achieving loads more. Indeed, teachers tell us that the new, quieter surroundings benefit everyone - making sure both deaf and hearing children are able to focus without distraction and thus achieve better results. 

We now want to make it the norm that optimum hearing conditions in schools are assured so that every deaf Jewish child at school has equal access to learning, can hear their teachers and succeed on a par with their hearing friends. 

"I just want to hear my teacher." - Lielle, aged 5

"We would never teach reading in a classroom without lights. Why then would we teach in 'acoustic darkness'? Speaking to a class in a room with poor acoustics is akin to turning out the light." - Professor John Erdreich, Scientific Council in Acoustics 


How to make a donation to the HEAR to Learn campaign:

  • By cheque - Please make your cheques payable to JDA and send them to Claudia Simon, JDA, Julius Newman House, Woodside Park Road, North Finchley, London N12 8RP.
  • By credit card - Please call Claudia Simon on 0208 446 0502 who will be delighted to take your donation over the phone.
  • Online - Please click on the donate button to make a quick and secure payment.


JDA, Julius Newman House, Woodside Park Road, North Finchley, London, N12 8RP

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