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Deaf Awareness Training in residential homes

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Tailor-made, professional training courses to enable workers in residential homes and day centres to:

Understand how having a hearing loss affects people, practically and emotionally.
Improve communication, inclusion, access and quality of life for the people in their care.

‘Hearing Loss in Residential Care’ training courses provide staff and management with:

  • Appreciation of how deafness can affect behaviour
  • Knowledge of how to recognise the signs of hearing loss
  • Use of hearing aids to gain a better understanding of the difficulties of adjusting to amplified and artificial sound
  • Experience in using an induction loop, which helps residents to participate in activities better
  • Practice in re-tubing hearing aids so they work more effectively
  • Skills in clear communication with deaf people
  • Hands-on experience with equipment such as alerting devices and personal television amplifiers


"The Deaf Awareness Training delivered by JDA was a revelation.  It felt amazing to gain the tools to recognise that some of our residents were withdrawn and unhappy, simply because they couldn't hear properly."

"We've learned so much - now we know that we have to go up close instead of calling people across the room;  we know that their hearing aids need to be maintained and cleaned regularly; we know that when a new resident joins us the adjustment is overwhelming for them if we haven't tested their hearing aid at the outset and made sure that their hearing aids are up-to-date and working properly."

- Care home staff


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