Deafblind man in park with volunteer

Volunteers are integral to JDA - we simply couldn't do without them! 

We're always looking for reliable, caring people to help us do more.  Use your spare time and skills to do something great.  

  • You might enjoy driving, wheelchair pushing, providing companionship, community fundraising or raising awareness
  • You could put your professional skills to good use, helping with our marketing, PR or fundraising
  • If you're a hearing aid user yourself, or a fluent signer, you could be invaluable in supporting clients
  • From shopping, to arts and crafts, to helping to create fun-filled activities, to joining a fundraising committee ... there's so much to be done!

For roles within our Hearing Loss Outreach Service, please visit our Outreach Service Volunteers page.

For general opportunities, please contact Andrew Goodwin at andrew@jdeaf.org.uk

If you are Deaf and would like to volunteer then please contact Janine Greensite at janine@jdeaf.org.uk

To apply

Read our website to find out more about who we are and what we do.  Take a look at the roles available and then download the Application and Equality & Diversity Forms below.

Send us your completed forms either by email or post.  We look forward to your joining the team!

Please note:

  • All volunteer positions are open to UK residents over 18 years
  • DBS checks and references will be sought
  • Full training and support is available
  • We will actively support anyone who wishes to volunteer, regardless of physical or mental ability, gender, faith, sexual orientation, race or age.

We have the following roles available:

JDA Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidelines for visitors to JDA

Everyone coming to JDA is asked politely to please follow to these new guidelines:

1. On arrival, please:

a) Confirm that you do not present a risk.

b) Read and confirm that you understand and agree to follow our hygiene guidelines whilst at JDA – Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.

2. Immediately wash and dry your hands hygienically (instructions are displayed above all washbasins).

3. Sign in and take off your coat after having washed your hands.

4. Minimise bodily contact by:

a)    Wearing JDA “I like you but I’m not going to kiss you” badges

b)    Using a new BSL greeting signing the message “Hi, big hug” without touching

c)     Having a no handshake policy for now