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2 boys young boys - 1 with cochlear implant

JDA provides professional, personalised care and support for everyone whose life is affected by deafness.

Our intensive support begins as shocked families face the devastating diagnosis that their newborn baby is deaf.

And, later in life, as people experience the trauma of losing their hearing, we enable them to adapt and cope better with everyday challenges.

JDA gives people who communicate in British Sign Language a place where they belong, feel valued and are supported with whatever life throws at them.

We give compassionate care to older Deaf and Deafblind people - some of whom have dementia and are vulnerable to abuse, cruelty and neglect - keeping them safe, secure and loved through old age and illness, right until their end of life.

You might think that there would be some way of recouping our costs for these services.  Not true.  JDA receives no statutory funding - and we rely entirely on voluntary donations. 

As more and more people turn to JDA for help, we need to raise more funds than ever before.

Please donate now or take a look at the Support Us menu to see how you can transform someone's life.

On behalf of everyone who relies on JDA for a better life (from our youngest baby Emily, to David, just turned 101) - thank you so much for joining us in our vital work.

JDA Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidelines for visitors to JDA

Everyone coming to JDA is asked politely to please follow to these new guidelines:

1. On arrival, please:

a) Confirm that you do not present a risk.

b) Read and confirm that you understand and agree to follow our hygiene guidelines whilst at JDA – Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.

2. Immediately wash and dry your hands hygienically (instructions are displayed above all washbasins).

3. Sign in and take off your coat after having washed your hands.

4. Minimise bodily contact by:

a)    Wearing JDA “I like you but I’m not going to kiss you” badges

b)    Using a new BSL greeting signing the message “Hi, big hug” without touching

c)     Having a no handshake policy for now