Leave a Legacy

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Remember JDA in your Will

Legacies are a vital source of our income.

Some people are unable to give significant sums of money to JDA during their lifetime.  Frequently, however, our clients, friends and supporters would like their name and memory associated with our caring work once they have passed away.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you have an up-to-date Will.  This can be simple and easy to arrange.  What is more, gifts to charity are Inheritance Tax free.  Therefore, leaving a gift to JDA could reduce the tax payable on your estate.

We can provide you with a form to assign either a Pecuniary or a Residuary bequest to JDA.

This can be included when making or amending a Will or can be attached as a codicil to an existing Will.  

For further information, please contact Sue Cipin on 020 8446 0502 or email: sue@jdeaf.org.uk


JDA Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidelines for visitors to JDA

Everyone coming to JDA is asked politely to please follow to these new guidelines:

1. On arrival, please:

a) Confirm that you do not present a risk.

b) Read and confirm that you understand and agree to follow our hygiene guidelines whilst at JDA – Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.

2. Immediately wash and dry your hands hygienically (instructions are displayed above all washbasins).

3. Sign in and take off your coat after having washed your hands.

4. Minimise bodily contact by:

a)    Wearing JDA “I like you but I’m not going to kiss you” badges

b)    Using a new BSL greeting signing the message “Hi, big hug” without touching

c)     Having a no handshake policy for now