Thanks to your generosity, we broke the Sound Barrier!

We are delighted to announce that thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters, friends, and family, we’ve raised over £500,000 which will go directly towards supporting JDA’s vital services.

JDA is the only charity in the Jewish community dedicated to breaking down the barriers that otherwise isolate people who are deaf or hard of hearing from other people, from their loved ones and from their world.

From a child struggling to keep up with their hearing peers in a noisy classroom, to an older person feeling lonely and isolated in a busy care home, life for deaf people would be a constant struggle without the services that only JDA provides. 

That is why, in the past year alone, around 2,000 people have turned to JDA for the services* that transform what would otherwise be an isolated, frustrating, and incomprehensible world into one where everyone can communicate easily with each other and enjoy life together as a community.  Where there is always someone to turn to for help.  Where deaf people never have to cope or feel alone.  A world that is full of life and beautiful moments.

It's never too late to support JDA.  We rely entirely on voluntary donations to keep our services running.  If you would like to donate, please click here so we can continue ensuring all people with hearing loss get the very best out of life.

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Yes, you can read lips and smiles while wearing a facemask!

At JDA we have made a list of our Top 5 favourite transparent face coverings to make it easy for you.

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